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Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

The Royal AirForce Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (RAFBBMF) operates from RAF Coningsby, a Typhoon and fighter base, in Lincolnshire.

The mission of the RAF BBMF:

To maintain the priceless artefacts of our national heritage in airworthy condition in order to commemorate those who have fallen in the service of this country, to promote the modern day Air Force and to inspire the future generations

Flown by regular serving RAF Aircrew, the Flight operates six Spitfires, two Hurricane Mk 2Cs, a Lancaster as well as a C47 Dakota and two Chipmunk aircraft (primarily used for training).

The unit is commanded by Squadron Leader Andy Millikin. 
From May to September each year, these aircraft can be regularly seen in the skies over the UK celebrating and commemorating public and military events from State occasions such as Trooping the Colour to major air displays and simple flypasts for public events. We are proud to have HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge as our Patron.

The motto of the RAF BBMF reflects our mission and honours the thousands of men and women, in the air and on the ground, that gave their lives for this country in the noble pursuit of freedom.

“Lest We Forget”

The Douglas C-47 Dakota is without doubt one of the most successful aircraft designs in history. It became one of the world's most famous military transport aircraft and saw widespread use by the Allies during World War Two and subsequently by Air Forces and civilian operators worldwide.

Produced in greater numbers than any other British combat aircraft before or since the War, 20,341 Spitfires were built in 22 different variants (excluding the navalised Seafire) and the aircraft remained in production for 12 years.


Please Note: BBMF Fly past days and times are subject to change beyond our  control.

The Royal Air Force Museum, London


The Royal Air Force Museum display here today consists of real, historic RAF uniforms for visitors to try on and a replica cockpit of the type used to train pilots during the First World War.

Come and take a selfie as a RAF fighter pilot, an Air Gunner in a Lancaster Bomber or as a Women’s Auxiliary Air Force radar operator whose contribution was vital to the Battle of Britain.

Go back further in time to the beginning of the Royal Air Force 100 years ago and climb into the training cockpit of a First World War aeroplane. Have you got what it takes to patrol the Weston Front at ten thousand feet- bitterly cold and with the Red Baron on your Tail?

The RAF Museum is once again delighted to be here at the Armed Forces Weekend in Trowbridge, where so many Spitfires were built during the Second World War.

The Royal Air Force Museum, London

The RAF Museum in Hendon, North London has recently completed a massive re-development to commemorate the achievements of heritage of the world’s first independent air force celebrating its Centenary year…

The stunning collection of aircraft, many of which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, is complemented by the imaginative interactive displays, exploring the science and engineering of flight as well as the tremendous achievements of the RAF during its 100 years existence.

From the fragile biplanes of the First World War though the Hurricanes and Spitfires and the second world war bombers, the mighty Vulcan of the cold war to the Tornado and Typhoons which maintain the air defence of Great Britain today, it’s all there at Hendon.

With a large car park, easy access by public transport and free entry, a visit to the RAF Museum makes a great day out for all the family.

Wiltshire Soldiers


Wiltshire Soldiers on the web allows you to search the records of over 12,000 servicemen who lost their lives during or just after the end of the Great War 1914 to 1919. Registration is free and once you have logged on you will be able to search by name by town, Village or memorial.


Held within the database are service records, letters, newspaper reports, war diaries and in some cases photographs of the men and their graves. All service men are covered from the Army, Navy and Air Force and from all the Countries from whom men contributed to the allied cause from Australians, New Zealanders, Americans, Canadians, South Africans and Russians. These men either died and are buried in Wiltshire or have evidenced connections with the County.


The information is available in such a way that enables soldiers to be cross referenced by war memorial, village, town, city, county or even country.


Historian and author Richard Broadhead has, for number of years, been researching casualties of the Great War With the aid of his research Richard has written a number of books focused on Wiltshire towns providing detailed information on each casualty; this includes next of kin information and details of how and where the men lived and died.


The research also includes details of over 60 Wiltshire men who at this time are not remembered by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, but I hope one day this will change. The vast majority of our readily available research is related to those from, or related to, the County of Wiltshire.

C Company

C Company rolling history ( the Couldrake family) 
We cover WW1 with our 60' walk through trench with field hospital and relic display
WW2 airborne with small arms ,tents and equipment.
WW2 desert with a 1942 c15 Chevrolet
WW2 RAF dispersal
WW2 home front/ home guard / land army
WW2 navy display ( small)
WW2 American display
1950s display of a Bedford RL and 40/70 bofors anti aircraft gun
Golf Operation desert storm with a series 3 109 FFR Landrover and small arms / equipment
A mobile museum, and more
We attend lots of event throughout the year covering many conflicts. We attend primary and secondary schools for history lessons and talks on all conflicts with many different artefacts and equipment, allowing children of all ages to get closer to the history. We also visit old people's homes, village events, and more.
Web address:

Trowbridge Museum will be joining C Company Rolling History for a weekend of WW1 recruitment and demobbing - children will be recruited as soldiers and nurses and find out what life would have been like during the First World War.




we are a small group formed at the beginning of this year 2015, we have supported some of the small shows across the south this year so far and have 4 left to attend in 2015. our main display is of a feldpost and a small weapons display inc info on the weapons etc, our main aim is to interact with the public and educate people. we are always welcoming to new prospective members who are like minded enjoy the interest, and have a few weekends spare over the re-enacting season. we as a group have no politics only asking for people to fit in and help out if possible in setting up and taking down at show. 

More information can be found on our facebook page wehrmacht 44 community page



Land Girls at large is a history group which has been exhibiting and re-enacting the life and work of the Women’s Land Army (WLA) since 1995. Members get involved for a variety of reasons, for instance the group’s initial inspiration came from a members whose mother was a Land Girl during World War 2.

Our objective is to keep alive the memory of those ordinary Women who, during the war and for some time after, accomplished extraordinary achievements to help keep the British public fed and timber stocks accessible for essential Armed forces and civilian use. As our intention is to educate, we hope our various displays will simulate interest and curiosity. We are always happy to talk about and answer any questions regarding the WLA.

for more details, please email


 Wiltshire Home Guard living history group portrays the activities of the Wiltshire Home Guard and Home Front during World War 2.


                                Link to website:                                       visit our FB page



The GUN NUT is myself Darren Cooper and my son Cameron who is 19.
Started a few years ago when my son was in infants school enjoy the WW2 history lessons.
He's gradually built a collection which comprises of uniform, deactivated and obsolete guns, from the 18th century to modern day. We have a Leyland Daf in the collection too.
In the daytime we are both plumbers within my own business.
Both enjoy talking and sharing our collection.


download (11).jpg
download (10).jpg

11 Bravo is a small Vietnam war living history group, we try and give a little insight  of the life of the  average infantry man .we have a small section of living quaters in the field along with a small bunker position. We will be covering the Vietnam war from 1968 onwards, from both the US 1st battalion 7th Cavalry and an Aussie digger from the RAR.

we can be found on facebook  11 BRAVO LIVING HISTORY GROUP. 

4th Wiltshires Living History Group

Click here to go to website.

Click here to go to website.

    The Period of history - WW2 - 1944/45 - NW Europe campaign.

     Our Portrayal - WW2 British Infantry Soldier - 4th Battalion The Wiltshire Regt, 129 Brigade, 43rd Wessex Infantry Division.

     Our aim -  To recreate as closely as possible, the day to day life of the average British infantry soldier living  in the field, both in and out of action and in doing so, honour the memory of those who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today.

     The scenario for our display is a composite representation of a British position just behind the front line during the battle for Hill 112, south west of Caen, Normandy.

     The Group - We are a group of 12, primarily drawn from the Swindon/Devizes and Cirencester areas. All of us have a long standing interest in the period of History we portray and all of us are keen Militaria and WW2 vehicle enthusiasts and owners who came together to form the group under our Leader Kev Smart.

     Our approach is a combination of Accuracy of our displays/engagement with the public/Fun and enjoyment of our Hobby.

     Why do we do it? To keep alive the memory of our Countrymen who gave everything in the cause of freedom.

The 101st Pathfinders and friends

he 101st Pathfinders and friends only really started about 2 years ago .
We depict the U.S 101st Airborne pathfinders and our partners are U.S nurses.
Our display contains a 1940 Dodge truck named “Ella-may” .
We have a 50 Calibre heavy machine gun emplacement .
We have an area of various replica and deactivated weapons along with other items that
People can pose with for photographs .
There is also our military tented area in which we sleep and live in while we attend shows.

French Army Reenactment Group

Click image to go to Facebook page.

Click image to go to Facebook page.

Dig for Victory Show 2015 534.JPG

This group represents the French army from the end of world war 2 until the early 80's. It is a multi period group that alters its displays to keep fresh and engaging. This year they are celebrating Frances involvement in NATO and are exhibiting both vehicles and original kit from this period (1960 - 1980)
The group was initially set up as a club to exhibit original period kit from a few collectors, but it has now grown into a group that has many members, many vehicles and covers many different periods in Frances military history. They are always looking for new members, and can join for free, they will even issue you with a uniform and associated field equipment! why not go along and introduce your selves.
You will recognise them by the French flags and the armoured car - a very rare vehicle and is the only one in private hands in the UK, so wander down to the bottom field for a look.
You don't have to speak French to them, they do speak English!, so go and have a chat.

  The Group is always looking to recruit new members to help with displays, interact with the public or work in the extensive motor pool. If you would like to join (for free) and help out, please get in contact with any of the Group at the show, visit our Facebook Page 'French Army Reenactment Group' or email the membership secretary at

We are a small group of re-enactors representing WW2 Gloucestershire Regiment.

We portray a small front line unit, there are usually 8-9 of us in this group.

Ady Denton started the group about 10 years ago as he had family in the Gloucestershire Regiment.

It has built up over the years to what you see now where we have gun pit implements, medical tent, pill box pup tents (wedge shaped tents for two) and a range of kit that we can display .

The Ninth Company

Click here to go to website.

Click here to go to website.


We are the Ninth Company.  Under orders to serve all who are interested in the cold war era, most especially from the viewpoints of the Soviets and the Warsaw Pact Countries, we welcome new members from the ranks of historic military vehicle owners, collectors, re-enactors (living history), enthusiasts, historians and traders. 


Whilst not setting out to compete with any of the excellent and commendable forums that exist to serve specific interest groups such as, for example, military vehicle owners or living history enthusiasts, we aim instead to complement them.  Our approach is unique in that we bring together all of the different specialisations of interest that co-exist within the overall Cold War theme, by use of the internet, and also through meeting up at shows, events and gatherings throughout the Country.

GI 44/45 Living History Group

Click here to go to website.

Click here to go to website.

GI 44-45 are a group of friends who celebrate a shared interest in WW2. We aim to organize and attend various WW2 re-enactments, engage in high quality living history, educate the public and keep alive the memory of those who made sacrifices during WW2.

We will be portraying the US 27th Infantry Division during Aug-Sept 1942 whilst taking part in the Louisiana manoeuvres in the US.

The display will consist of a number of men in an overnight encampment “in the field”.

The Spitfire Experiance 2017

The Spitfire experience offers you the opportunity to experience the sight, smell and sound of the iconic RAF Spitfire.

The Spitfire experience means you will sit in the cockpit and start the Rolls Royce 27 litre engine which will run for approximately one minute and be taken up to full power.

One of our experienced and knowledgeable  crew will give you a briefing and you will be able to take pictures or video of your experience.

This is a unique experience in our Spitfire EN 398 which is the only full scale replica Spitfire in the world, with a full original cockpit, working engine and can be transported by road to events.  

We have been together as a group over the past year touring with the spitfire at the events she attends, we are mostly from the south west of England but a couple of our members are from further afield.

Pre-book you experience for the weekend below:


 Spitfire Mk IX EN398 took its maiden flight without problems on 13th February, 1943.  On 18th February the aircraft was delivered to No 402 (Canadian) Squadron at RAF Kenley.  There Ian Keltie took possession of it and used EN398 (then coded AE*I) exclusively until mid March (by now coded AE*B), when 402 moved.  Keltie's last mission in EN398 occurred on March 13.  When 402 moved however, EN398 was left for their replacement squadron, also Canadian, No 416 Squadron.

AF Kenley housed four RCAF squadrons - Nos 403 and 416 with Spitfire Mk IXs, and 411and 421 with Spitfire Mk Vs.  On 16 March the then Wg Cdr 'Johnnie' Johnson arrived to lead the wing.  Surprisingly, it seems EN398 was still undergoing acceptance checks (26 days after delivery? - and several operations!) when it caught the eye of the new Wing Leader. ok "Wing Leader":

 During his six months flying EN398, Johnson has shot down 12 enemy aircraft and shared in the destruction of five more.  Also, he had inflicted damage on a further six enemy aircraft, plus a share in one more.  During that time EN398 had also destroyed a FW 190 whilst being flown by Robert McNair.  Remarkably, EN398 never broke off a mission early through technical failure, and never suffered a scratch due to enemy action.

After Johnson moved on to No 11 Group Headquarters, EN398 went to No. 421 Squadron for a couple of weeks before sustaining damage necessitating its return to Hamble for repairs.  The aircraft never returned to operations (new aircraft were being delivered to units faster than they could be repaired by that time).  EN398 remained in store for the remainder of the war in Europe.

 EN398 was retrieved in May 1946 to go to No. 80 Operational Training Unit, RAF Morpeth and Ouston, in Northumberland.  There, it was used in the training of young French pilots.  That unit was disbanded in March 1949, and EN398 took off for the final time to go to No. 29 Maintenance Unit, High Ercal, in Shropshire.  There she remained in long-term storage for three-and-a-half years. In October, 1952Spitfire Mk IXc, serial number EN398, was sold to H. Bath & Son Ltd for scrap and was cut up soon thereafter.


Tommy Und Jerry 1940

Tommy Und Jerry 1940 is a Living History Group that was set up in 2012 and we portray the British and German infantry as they were during the battles in France and Belgium leading to the Dunkirk evacuation in May/June 1940. The aim of the group is to show the uniforms, kit and weapons of both sides during this period so the public has an understanding of what the British forces were facing and why the Germans were so successful during the early phases of the war. The group is based in and around Wiltshire although we have members from London and Dover and occasionally we attend events at that end of the country.





No. 29 Triumph Tiger 750 - ex-Royal Signals White Helmets Display Team Trick Motorcycle


The motorcycle is a Triumph Tiger with a 750cc twin engine. It was built by LF Harris in conjunction with the Royal Signals White Helmets display team for use as part of the world-famous White Helmets Motorcycle Display team. 

 No. 29 is known as a trick bike and was used for stunts where several members of the team would balance on the bike at one time whilst on the move around an arena. It also formed part of the iconic pyramid stunt performed by the team involving 5 motorcycles and 15 members of the team who balanced on the bikes and formed a moving pyramid.

 It has a reinforced frame, solid rear suspension and a sticky-throttle so speed could be maintained whilst the rider let go of the handlebars whilst they rode the bike sat backwards..…although that won’t be happening today! It also has a large rear sprocket designed for low speed.

 This particular motorcycle was used in many of the team displays all around the world and also took part in the team’s farewell parade through Blandford Forum in September 2017.

 Sadly, the team disbanded in 2017 after entertaining the public worldwide for 90 years. This motorcycle was one of 6 offered for sale to the public following the team’s disbandment (2 of which were trick bikes such as this, with the other 4 being stunt bikes). The remaining motorcycles were donated to museums and former team sponsors.

Wessex Historic Household.

We are a group who do a “Homefront House”, a “Landgirl”, War Reserve Policeman and his Police House/ station.

Plus Wessex Tommies (1940s soldiers), Women’s Voluntary Service and a small display of ATS uniforms .

Mr & Mrs 1940's

April 1940
Our house has been badly damaged in an air raid, and is partially demolished.
We only have this one room that is safe to live in, and are now waiting to be rehoused.
We think ourselves lucky though, as some of our neighbours have lost so much more.
At first we thought it was another false alarm, but we didn't take the risk and got into
the shelter before the siren had stopped.
Then the first bomb fell, sending shock waves through the earth.
The Anderson shelter rattled, the planes were directly overhead.
The air raid seemed to last such along time, then after the sound of the last plane had
faded, we heard the note of the the Raiders Passed Signal.
The bombing would have been a lot worse without the R.A.F. to look after us.
Our boys are fighting them off day after day.
Surely the war will be all over by Christmas?




Air Raid Precautions (ARP) was an organisation in the United Kingdom set up in 1937 dedicated to the protection of civilians from the danger of air raids.[1] It included the Raid Wardens' Service that was to report on bombing incidents. Every local council was responsible for organising ARP wardens, messengers, ambulance drivers, rescue parties, and liaison with police and fire brigades.

From 1 September 1939, ARP wardens enforced the "blackout". Heavy curtains and shutters were required on all private residences, commercial premises, and factories to prevent light escaping and so making them a possible target for enemy bombers to locate their targets.

With increased enemy bombing during the Blitz, the ARP services were central in reporting and dealing with bombing incidents. They managed the air raid sirens and ensured people were directed to shelters.

From 1941 the ARP officially changed its title to Civil Defence Service to reflect the wider range of roles it then encompassed. During the war almost 7,000 Civil Defence workers were killed. In all some 1.5 million men and women served within the organisation during World War Two. Over 127,000 full-time personnel were involved at the height of the Blitz but by the end of 1943 this had dropped to 70,000. The Civil Defence Service was stood down towards the end of the war in Europe on 2 May 1945


Airfield Somewhere


Airfield Somewhere in England was formed back in 2002, most members come from any where from bomber country down to south coast.

We aim to portray as near as possible the RAF during WW2 "living history" with numerous scenarios from a RAF unit in the field to working with the likes of East Kirby Museum and other museums and war time events, though the RAF is primarily related to flying we have to display other trades across the RAF, e.g  MT, RAF Regiment etc.

Anyone interested in joining can contact Doug on,   you do not have to have wartime vehicle.


We’ll Meet Again 1940’s Tea Room

We'll Meet Again Tea Room is a mobile unit set in the 1940's offers Pots of Tea (Traditional Tea Leaf) and Coffee, Cream Teas, Various Home Made Cakes etc.,
All served on China Tea Plates, China Tea Pots with China Cups & Saucers.

We are available for all types of events and private hires - for more information: or telephone: 07727472284

Trowbridge ACF

download (13).jpg
download (14).jpg

Cadets in Trowbridge can trace their history back 105 years to the 20th April 1912 when the St Thomas Church Detachment of the Church Lads Brigade joined the Cadet Scheme becoming the first Cadet Detachment in the town.

Between the wars it is currently believed that there were no Cadets units in Trowbridge, but a presence was established again in 1942 when the force was for the first time organised on a regional basis and the Wiltshire Army Cadet Force was formed.
The ACF presence in the town has remained ever since although currently broken for the first time in 75 years by the need to relocate to Westbury during the current rebuild of the From Road site. Transport is being provided for cadets who cannot get lifts to Westbury during the rebuild.

The detachment is always looking for any photographs or other items from its past. Please speak to us on your stand if you have any pictures we can copy or items you may wish to donate.

Wiltshire Army Cadet Force today

Wiltshire ACF is home to 21 Detachments with 131 adults and 461 cadets. Cadets can join at 12 (year 8 in School) and serve up until their 18 birthday. Cadets follow the Army Proficiency Certificate syllabus which is divided into 5 Star Levels becoming progressively more detailed as they progress. Core subjects are :-

* Drill and Turnout
* Military Knowledge
* Fieldcraft
* Skill at Arms
* Shooting
* Navigation
* Expedition Training
* First Aid
* Physical Training
* Cadet in the Community

Cadets also get the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and various BTEC Qualifications.
Further information on joining can be obtained from our county web site.

Trowbridge Sea Cadets

Since 1960 Trowbridge Sea Cadets has offered young people amazing opportunities for personal development - by learning new skills and using teamwork.  We offer an environment where young people find new confidence and inspiration.


Trowbridge Sea Cadets meet on Monday and Thursday evenings, 7pm to 9pm, throughout the year.  Young people between the ages of 10 and 18 are eligible to join with the Junior Section specifically being for 10 to 12 year-olds (which only meet on a Thursday).

Our cadets frequently take part in courses, camps, sporting activities and competitions run by the Sea Cadet national and district organisations.  At these events, cadets can earn a wide range of Seamanship, Engineering, Communication & Information Systems, First Aid and many other practical qualifications.

Our cadets, smartly turned out in their uniforms, help to raise money for the unit by selling programmes at concerts, directing car parking at events, packing bags at supermarkets, and other similar community activities.  This has led to two cadets recently gaining a BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Teamwork, Personal Skills & Citizenship.

The warmer days of summer bring the opportunity for cadets to get out in boats on the river, learning power boating, rowing and kayaking skills, and earning nationally recognised qualifications.


We are currently meeting at Holy Trinity Church, Stallard Street, Trowbridge.  For any queries please contact

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download (1).jpg